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  1. U

    WordPress: everything is 404

    I'm new to OLS, migrating from Caddy, and trying to setup two wordpress sites and three reverse proxy sites. (Haven't tried setting up the reverse proxy ones yet). However, absolutely everything is 404; /, /wp-login.php, permalinks, etc The site is in /home/caddy/html, owned by nobody:nogroup...
  2. L

    How can I backup data from my WP site to my HDD because my site is on Google Cloud?

    Hello everyone, I published my site online using Litespeed and Google cloud. Now, because my site is broken I want to get my files on my local hardware and start again. Do you know how to do that? Thanks in advance
  3. derzz

    Web server 404 at times

    Hello I am new in the forum, please move this post if it is wrongly located or indicate where you should go. I had already published it but they deleted it without indicating the reason. I installed CyberPanel 2 with OpenLiteSpeed in DigitalOcean, I have a standard droplet of 12vCPU and 48Gb of...
  4. aboyit

    Hi everyone, I am having 404 errors on my website, looking forward to helping.

    All my vps use wordpress cms, I have the code of 1 wordpress page, but after I upload the hosting configuration, only the homepage and doamin.com/wp-admin page are still active. Writing and product error 404. My code has a .htaccess file with content # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>...