debian 11

  1. Leavii

    Cannot add subdomain to :80 Listener for default site

    Hello there... again. As stated in the title here I cannot add a subdomain for the default site but only for the 80 listener. I have * added on the 443 listener, and www. works as well for 443. On port 80 however, I cannot add any subdomains to the listener for the default site. I...
  2. Leavii

    OLS Multi-WP Sites Setup

    Hate to ask more questions, but here I go again... I want to use OLS to host multiple WP sites. After the first installation using --wordpressplus is it best to use to deploy the remaining installations, copy the example WP site to a new directory each time, or install WP manually...
  3. Leavii

    LiteSpeed Cache

    Not sure if OLS Forums is the right place for LiteSpeed cache, but here I go :D I rebuilt the server again using as I was getting the below when activating the plugin, and it seems it does it on a fresh installation. I installed as root, under my sudo user after using sudo su...
  4. Leavii

    OpenSpeedLite site conf file not writeable.

    I just installed OpenSpeedLite, and created the conf file because it wouldn't create it and to no surprise it is not writeable. I did install as root, but via sudo if that matters, and it appears the service is running as root. Here is what I have. -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jun 9 22:17...
  5. Burti

    Debian 11 bullseye lsphp Ioncube Request Ioncube module not installed for Debian 11 - bullseye version.