OLS Multi-WP Sites Setup


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Hate to ask more questions, but here I go again...

I want to use OLS to host multiple WP sites. After the first installation using --wordpressplus is it best to use ols1clk.sh to deploy the remaining installations, copy the example WP site to a new directory each time, or install WP manually to a new directory each time? I have tested the first two options, and each seem to work. The third I haven't messed with as the first two seem okay so... I can do it if that is what is recommended, just not as nice as the others.

Before I move forward with either of these, I'd like to know what is 'best', if either are correct, or whatnot. Why? Because I want to automate the site deployment via another web app I have. I click a button, everything is done for me at the server, and I have a new WP site I can start using.