Cannot add subdomain to :80 Listener for default site


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Hello there... again.

As stated in the title here I cannot add a subdomain for the default site but only for the 80 listener. I have * added on the 443 listener, and www. works as well for 443. On port 80 however, I cannot add any subdomains to the listener for the default site. I have another site which has, and * on both 443/80 just fine. Possibly intended? I have nginx in front of this server (for now anyway) and it redirects * for me, but I plan on moving nginx reverse proxy to OLS for my apps that I don't have on OLS, and then all the sites on OLS will obviously be handled by OLS.

Gif of issue. Tried to insert media, but that fails.


And it says the file is too big to add it as an attachment :/



Might be a permission issuesome where, is there any error shown on the webadmin -> Dashboard? Or any error log while adding the domain?