gzip compression

  1. extraale

    GZIP/Brotli Compression not working as intended via Server Configuration > Tuning

    Enabling/disabling both Dynamic and Static compression for gzip and brotli in the server config tab does nothing. Compression is always ON regardless of setting. When trying to change the level of compression in all fields, data size of compressed files stays the same according to GTmetrix and...
  2. M

    GZIP/Brotli Compression turned on, content still served uncompressed

    Hi, I have an instance of an OpenLiteSpeed server with Wordpress installed (including the LS cache plugin for Wordpress). I have enabled the gzip/brotli compression as per the screenshot below: Also compression is enabled in the virtual host configuration of my domain. But when I request the...
  3. techiebraj

    Website is not delivering brotli compressed assets

    Hello there, GZIP/Brotli Compression is enable on OLS web admin but my website is showing content-encoding gzip. I am using wordpress without woocommerce. I have LScache installed on my site. Please guide me to enable brotli compression on my site. Thank you!
  4. I

    Questions about Cyberpanel, GZip and Vary Headers

    Hi, I have some questions about Cyberpanel, GZip Compression and Vary Header. I've noticed that if I do not activate the plug-in LiteSpeed Cache in Wordpress, the GZip and Vary headers do not appear. In fact, the tests like PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom, tell me that GZip compression is...
  5. T

    Gzip URL

    I ran one of those online website speed tests and it recommended I turn on gzip compression. I did that and my score went from 0 to 9 out of 100. Everything shows as gziped but the website URL. How do I configure gzip compression to include the website URL?