Gzip URL

I ran one of those online website speed tests and it recommended I turn on gzip compression. I did that and my score went from 0 to 9 out of 100.
Everything shows as gziped but the website URL. How do I configure gzip compression to include the website URL?


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I visited and it is not gzipped. Can you tune on the gzip so that I can look at the content if there is any problem?
Settings There:

Enable Compression Yes
Enable Dynamic Compression Yes
Compression Level (Dynamic Content) 6
Compressible Types text/*, application/x-javascript, application/xml, application/javascript, image/svg+xml, application/rss+xml, application/text
Auto Update Static File Yes
Static GZIP Cache Directory Not Set
Compression Level (Static File) 6
Max Static File Size (bytes) 10M
Min Static File Size (bytes) 300


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So did you update the conf and restart it?
I just checked, it seems the first page is not gzipped and other css and js files are all gzipped.


Is your disk full? can you log a ticket with us to provide a tmp ssh root access to your server for us to take a look?