1. M

    Accept-Encoding is altered on proxy

    I have created a simple python script using sockets, I use openlitespeed to proxy to this http backend, I see openlitespeed is altering accept-encoding in requests headers, only if accept-encoding is equal to "br", the accept-encoding is "br", anything else is converted to "gzip", for example if...
  2. W

    SSL Web Socket proxy bug

    Hello, This is my first post here, and unfortunately a bug report. I recently had to rebuild a large project and I decided to switch from NGINX to LSWS on all the web servers in the cluster. Part of this move was also using LSWS Web Socket proxy since it looked so promising. However, it seems...
  3. takerukoushirou

    OCSP stapling: responder proxy setting

    So far I couldn't find a solution to allow OCSP lookups for OCSP stapling in a locked down environment, e.g. with an outbound firewall configured. Explicitly allowing outgoing requests for OCSP responders is not an option, as IPs for these are not static and can rapidly change (see for example...
  4. slowaways

    Help sub-URIs in Context of type Proxy

    I created the configuration for External App in my Virtual Host: Name * : NodeJS Address * : localhost:3000 And the configuration for Context with type "Proxy" URI *: / Web Server *: [VHost Level]: NodeJS Ok... When acessing the sub-URI "/foo/bar" The proxy point to localhost:3000/foo/bar and...
  5. C

    How do I proxy traffic to a different server?

    I am new to openlitespeed and web server management in general, so excuse the question if it is rather novice. Current setup: running on openlitespeed and running on a completely separate server on the same network. What I am trying to accomplish...