URI refers to a static file with PATH_INFO [/] Error


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Hi guys,

I'm using an openlitespeed-wordpress VM image, based on Ubuntu, for GCloud. I deployed WordPress to my subdomain, blog.domain.com with Certbot SSL. My main website uses NextJS on Vercel. I'm trying to serve WordPress from "domain.com/blog" with NextJS rewrites. I changed my WordPress site URL to "domain.com/blog". It works for posts and links but static assets like CSS and js files give a 404 error with the following log in LiteSpeed:

URI '/wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js/' refers to a static file with PATH_INFO [/].

When I try to load the URL, domain.com/blog/URI, without a trailing slash, LiteSpeed serves a 404 page. If I try to load the static asset with a subdomain, blog.domain.com/URI, it successfully returns the file.

Do you guys have any idea how can I solve this issue? Thanks a lot.