1. A

    Redirect IP to domain name before forcing https

    Hi I just transferred my blog to Digital Ocean with openlitespeed server. For this I installed wordpress on ip address and then with the help of plugin transferred blog to ip address wordpress site. Now I am facing issue with redirect. I managed to redirect ip address to domain name with...
  2. saz99

    Trailing Slash Error

    I want to add a trailing slash after all my URLs This is the code that I have on my .htaccess RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(.*)/$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1/ [L,R=301] But it is not working. I also restarted...
  3. saz99

    How to redirect Server Ip to www.Domain name?

    I am using Openlitespeed WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04 (digital ocean market place OpenLitespeed WordPress stack). Even after connecting domain, My website is accessible through the IP address. Is there a way to redirect IP and [ip/(post-slug)] to my domain and...
  4. E

    WordPress Multisite Directory .htaccess

    I installed WordPress Multisite Directory and the suggested htaccess rules dont work my static links are being converted with a trailing slash example: http://domain.tld/directory/wp-includes/js/hoverintent-js.min.js/ current htacces is: # BEGIN WordPress # The directives (lines) between...
  5. dsoneil

    Redirect 301 Issues

    Hello, I recently setup an OLS server (1.4.41) on Ubuntu 18.04 w/ LSPHP 7.2 running WordPress (WP) and it works great, however redirect 301's are causing me some headaches. Rewrite is enabled, and LSCache is installed on WP. It works fine and the rewrite to remove WP index,php is working...