How can I backup data from my WP site to my HDD because my site is on Google Cloud?

Hello everyone,

I published my site online using Litespeed and Google cloud. Now, because my site is broken I want to get my files on my local hardware and start again.
Do you know how to do that?

Thanks in advance



How did you upload files to Google Cloud?
You can use any tools to download it, e.g. SFTP, SCP..etc. Default Wordpress path should be /var/www/html
I didn't upload, I just on GC created VM instance and connected it to LitespeedCashe and started editing my WP site. Now I made a mistake in one line of code and wanted to edit but I can't even log in to WP. Error 404. My plan is to access that file by Filezilla for example, but it is so hard to connect. That's why I am asking for any easier solution to edit that one line of code in child theme in WP?


If you want to fix it, you can SSH to the server and edit the theme file directly via vi/vim tool.

If you are not sure about how to SSH, then you can try GCP build-in connection tool to SSH.