Add a vhost that is just an alias for this existing server


how to add a vhost that is just an alias for this existing server, so it can be accessed using a different domain name?

my case is, i have wordpress based website & yoast seo plugin to generated sitemap index, this domain with cloudflare flexible ssl, but i get trouble when i want to submit www domain sitemap index to webmaster tools, my site is

i'll appreciate who can help, thanks!


Hi @Rafting Batu

I'm not sure if you really need a second vhost, assuming the site is currently running litespeed.

The key configurations to change:
  1. Listener -> vhost mapping. If this is already a *, there's nothing you need to change. If not a *, add your alias to the list of domains that map to this vhost.
  2. VHost Settings -> General -> Domain Alias. Adding the domain alias here should complete the task.
And as always, after changing configurations, restart the server.

Let me know how it goes!
Hi, thanks @lsfoo for reply, im sorry if i didnt explain clearly, because my english not good

Where is VHost Settings -> General -> Domain Alias ?? i cant find "Domain Alias" field,
btw, i use OLS 1.4.13