DigitalOcean Droplet Domain Change Causing "Connection Refused"

I changed droplet domain name, it caused "connection refused" and then switched back to old domain. As a result, my website still "refused to connect". Is there any way to "easily" fix it?

I created an OpenLiteSpeed Droplet on DigitalOcean, today changed domain name - I didn't do anything, just added new domain in the settings and changed A record to point to my existing droplet. Apparently, that's a No-No (I guess, extra server-side configuration is needed), as a result I got "connection refused".

Anyway, I removed the new one. Added original domain - just to return everything back to normal. Apparently, that's also a big No-No, cause I'm still getting "connection refused" when I visit old domain name + droplet IP. I went ahead and checked DNS propagation (A+NS settings) - droplet IP is OK. Also, digitalocean settings are fine. How come? What I'm doing wrong? Here is what I did so far:

1. Droplet Turn Off/On
2. IP:7080 thingy - checked if default, wordpress, wordpresssl have my domain
3. IP:7080 thingy - graceful restart
4. Made this apt-get update + upgrade
5. FTP + removed all Wordpress plugins, just to be sure it's not them.

Pretty much that's where my knowledge ends. I didn't do much. Just restarted Droplet. Can someone help me out please :) :)


HI @lateralus578 ,

If you check the listener from web admin, you should see the original domain on it. So if you change to other domain and did not update the web server listener, then you will get refuse connect.

Two method:
1. Just add a whildcard `*` to both of your port 80/443 listeners
2. Add new domain on the listener every time you change to a new domain

FYI, sometimes you need to wait for a while when pointing to a new domain/IP, like an hour

Feel free to join Slack and direct message to me @eric if you still struggling on it.