DigitalOcean Wordpress CPU Optimized Droplets Don't Work

Am I the only who's experiencing this issue? Those who use DigitalOcean know that in their marketplace there is pre-installed OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress Droplet. It works fine, no bugs. However, once you decide that you want custom droplet; General Purpose or CPU optmized - it doesn't work. I can't access :7080 port to configure anything. Tried to allow firewall rule for everyone, specific IP, etc... nope, didn't work. for me. Sad story... and how to update to php 7.3?? They have kinda old configuration on DigitalOcean




Sorry for the inconvenience, it's already fixed last week since the issue happened, it was due to auto update hanging in the background and cause implement script failed to finish. Now just need to wait for DigitalOcean to publish our new version, so you can destroy your droplet.

If you want, I can immediately transfer my backup image to you to try, just provide the email you use on the DigitalOcean.
You can also build image by yourself by following the guide which may take around 10 minutes to build.

Feel free to ask any question.

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LiteSpeed's Images have all been updated and published on DigitalOcean's Marketplace.
The updates include the latest version and a patch for the Intel CPU MDS vulnerability issue.
If you previously encountered a WordPress 404 issue, please launch and try again. Thank you.
Hi @Cold-Egg Thanks for the update
I've tested and I confirm. It works now!! Including General Purpose & CPU Optimized Droplets. So, click, launch and enjoy :) :)

P.S. How come you don't have tutorials, only docs. I personally don't really like Openlitespeed, you lack documentation for noobs. I can only follow step by step guides, which you don't have. Example questions:
1. How to update WP Droplet PHP version to php 7.3
2. How to tell via SSH to use php 7.3 (last time when I installed 7.3, wordpress still used 7.2, apparently I need to tell the system which version should I use, have no idea how to do that)

Just to summarize, it would be nice if you could approach "noob" category with some friendly articles, tips & tricks in form of step by step tutorials. Similar to DigitalOcean itself... they have bunch of different scenarios and solutions to user problems.
OK, upon checking it seems Droplet has already been updated with the latest php version,
I run into another problem, how do I change php settings?
Docs ( ) say this
vi /usr/local/lsws/lsphp72/etc/php/7.2/litespeed/php.ini

I think you need to update PHP part in there. For now I did like this:
/usr/local/lsws/lsphp73/etc/php/7.3/litespeed/php.ini just replaced all 2s with 3s :) :)


Hi @lateralus578 ,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the image is already come with WordPress 5.2 and PHP73. (y)
Sure, we can defiantly add a how to switch PHP version in FAQ.
About the doc, well, we need more feedback like from you, then we know which kind of topics we need to add. :LOL:
I am sorry to hear that. However, to save yourself from this hassle, I would recommend using DigitalOcean from Cloudways because they provide a managed cloud hosting platform and take care of all the server issues that you might face such as now. Cloudways provide an optimized Digitalocean server so that your application runs faster


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My (development) openlitespeed server was recently infected with the kinsing malware. My production server is on Cloudways. Don't underestimate security issues. I use the openlitespeed server to run xdebug when I need to debug something. Cloudways does not allow xdebug anymore.

I haven't been able to figure out how my development server was hacked. Possibly through an xdebug connection but not sure.