DigitalOcean Wordpress IonCube is Missing

After installing AliDropship Woo Plugin I got an error
Ooops! ionCube Loader Not found.

Can you add some compatibility in the future updates please? Currently I'll uninstall it, cause I can't find anything related to "How to install IonCube on Openlitespeed DigitalOcean Wordpress" in Google. The closest to my thread is this

But it's kinda old and out of date. Don't wanna experiment.



Hi @lateralus578 ,

The image didn't come with all PHP extensions installed by default.
You can simply install it by
apt-get install lsphp73-ioncube -y
Feel free to change the 73 to other php version you may have.

Thanks :)
It worked, everything is fine. :) :)

After running this command to install IonCube, I also went to admin panel and restarted the system.

For those who're reading:
Visit https://use_your_droplet_ip:7080 to access WebAdmin in a browser and simply click "Perform Graceful Restart". This will restart the system and ioncube notification in WP-Admin will disappear. :)