How to do Access Control of Virtual Host ' Web Socket Proxy

Dear Friend,

This is my First Post about OpenLiteSpeed's Issue. I want my Website Pages Open or Unlimited, Only limit Web Socket Proxy can pass by the appointed IP .

My Web Socket Proxy of Virtual Host is like this: And it work well.
Web Socket20220327220840.png

May I know how to Access Control the traffic of Web Socket Proxy ONLY? For Example, About Web Socket Proxy, can passed; Other's IP are Deny . and Othe Pages is OPEN by

You See, It is not the same of Context Setting, Context Setting have Allow and Deny of IPS. Unlucky, Web Socket Proxy have not.

I had tried many Ways like this: Using Context to set /happy 's Access Control , such as Static Context type, Proxy Context type, LiteSpeed SAPI Type, App Server Context Type, and so on Setting , as the same results that we can not do the Access Control successfully.

In order to Access Control of Web Socket Proxy, What I can do is using Virtual Host's Security 's ACCESS Control. It does the Access Control successfully . But All Website Pages are under the rules' control. And This is not what I Wanted. Thanks if you can reply.