Multiple lsphp with high CPU usage

I am having two servers with OpenLitespeed. One has many websites and has only reasonable CPU usage. Other has only one website but multiple lsphp and taking almost 100% CPU all the time. I have reinstalled everything and still having the same issue. What can I do here to fix?
Thank you for your reply. I use WordPress. The thing is that when I use the website on a different subdomain, it works okayish. But when I move to main domain, the entire CPU spikes with lsphp processes. I used Litespeed cache. Not sure what is causing the issue. Can using CDN reduce the load on CPU?

If you would like to visit the website, here it is.

Thank you.


The cache seems working correctly. LSCache will be based on the URL, so, when you switch the URL, all cached files will be invalidated, that's why you saw the CPU spikes.