Point Webadmin to subdomain

Is there a way to point the webadmin interface (<IP>:7080) to a subdomain?
Example: I have my site (virutalhost, listener) pointed to mysite.com and I want the webadmin interface to listen at admin.mysite.com.

I've read online that this can be done but I was not able to find any tutorials or examples.
As a side note I need to also point out that the site runs through Cloudflare which from what I've seen does not allow traffic via port 7080 so that will also so change to 443.

Thanks in advance and I apologize for my lack of knowledge but this is my first OpenLiteSpeed installation (installed via GCP).


Thank you so much for the support but I already know about the steps you've mentioned. The only thing I can't understand is how to point the WebAdmin interface to the subdomain. I know that I have to create a new VirtualHost with the subdomain but what after that?
Thank you so much for your help! I will implement the steps you provided and hopefully get it working.
On a side note... every time I login via SSH a script that asks for my domain keeps popping up even though I completed the steps the first time. Is there a way to disable that script?


If you finish all the steps, script will be removed automatically.
To remove it manually is easy, vi /etc/profile and remove the "sudo /opt/domainsetup.sh" entry.
That was indeed very weird. Even though I have finished all the steps (add domain, enable Let's Encrypt) the script always continued to pop up.
The solution you provided worked like a charm. Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated.