Updating DigitalOcean cloud image install

I can see that there is an update available for OpenLiteSpeed (CURRENT VERSION: OpenLiteSpeed 1.5.10 - New Release: 1.6.4) but cant find out how to perform the upgrade process.

I have attempted to use lsup.sh but always receive the error:

download URL is https://openlitespeed.org/packages/openlitespeed-1.6.4.tgz
2019-12-17 10:54:11 URL:https://openlitespeed.org/packages/openlitespeed-1.6.4.tgz [51106059/51106059] -> "ols.tgz" [1]
[OK] litespeed: stopped.
./lsup.sh: 441: ./lsup.sh: ./install.sh: Permission denied
[OK] litespeed: pid=19211.
All binaries are updated and service is on.
Many thanks for any assistance.


It seems some permission issue. Did you run ./lsup.sh as "root"? If so and still problem, you may log a ticket with us by providing tmp root access so that we can check for you.
Hi @Pong,
Yes, ran as root. Anything you might suggest I try before providing access?

lsup.sh does have 0777 permissions. Could it be down to the permissions of the extracted files?

Thank you.