Wordfence WAF on CyberPanel/OLS?

Has *anyone* actually gotten this to work?

I've read forum post after forum post on how to get the WordFence Web Application Firewall working on a CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed installation and NONE OF IT WORKS. No matter what I try, the Wordfence WAF "optimize your firewall" nags continue, and the auto_prepend_file value continues to show as "not set" (or WAF auto prepend active = NO).

Even though I am a paying/premium customer with an active license, Wordfence support is useless, because they claim it's not their plugin that's the problem, but that it's a server issue (despite the fact that their own installation instructions just point to a guide at OLS, which I have followed.) Those are:


I have tried all three methods listed here -- nothing works. I've manually edited every .ini file mentioned in any forum post on this topic I can find.

I have a SINGLE WordPress site running under CyberPanel v2.3 (B1) on Ubuntu 20.4, php v8.1.7, lsphp v8.1.6, WordPress v6.0 (but this wasn't working under WP v5.9.3, either).

All of the various checks under Wordfence Tools > Diagnostics come back green/OK, and there are no error messages or visible issues at all, except that the auto_prepend_file value just will not change.

Lots of people seem to be having similar issues, with no great solutions. Wordfence "support" is AWOL.

At this point I've pretty much decided that the Wordfence WAF simply will not run in this environment, for reasons that will remain a mystery.

Does *anyone* have *any* suggestions?

Thank you!