Hi, I want to configure several VHOST with SSL, but I'm not sure how to do it, the steps I have followed are the following:

1.- Define VHOST.
1.1.- Config SSL Private Key & Certificate.
1.1.1.- Define Private Key File.
1.1.2.- Define Certificate File
1.2.- SSL Protocol.
1.2.1.- Define Protocol Version.

2.- Create Listener:

Listener Name SSL
IP Address ANY
Port 443
Binding Not Set
Secure Yes

2.1.- Virtual Host Mappings:
2.1.1.- Add Domains:

3.- Gracefull Restart

No Works,



You will also need to setup a server SSL certificate. This can be a self signed certificate and you need to add it to the Listener under the SSL tab there. Once that is setup then everything should begin working with SSL.
I'm in the same boat. I'm new to Litespeed. I can only get one website to work with SSL. Only the one using the SSL files listed in the Listener. I tried setting up a second Listener using port 443 but that crashed Litespeed. How do I configure multiple SSL certificates?


You will want to setup the main SSL Cert on the listener, this can be a self signed or trusted certificate. Then under each VHOST, there is an SSL tab to specify the location for the domain/vhost specific SSL certificates. Then under the SSL Listener map the vhost and domain to that listener then it will pull the certificate from vhost and not the main listener.
I was searching for this today. This post solved my issue.

One issue was that every time the client was redirected from Exmaple2 to exmaple1. The reason was initially I had setup SSL for the first site *(Example 1) and marked the vhosts as '*; for Example. I replaced the * with the first domain name. This worked.