1. S

    Allow access to file only from the server itself

    I'm trying to allow only the server itself to run wp-cron.php and deny this file for the rest of the world, so what I did: RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^123\.123\.123\.123 RewriteRule wp-cron.php$ - [F,L] But it doesn't work, any suggestions please?
  2. T

    Can't configure a VHOST template

    Hello, I'm trying to set up 2 https domains ( & with OLS templates VHOST. I have 1 certificate (CERTBOT - LETSENCRYPT) for each domain. I made many tests and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong... This is my configuration : OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.19 / DEBIAN 10...
  3. D

    Directadmin OpenLiteSpeed WebAdmin Console by port 7080 - Error 404 Not Found The resource

    Before, OpenLiteSpeed WebAdmin Console was working fine, but after upgrading openlitespeed to the latest version, I get the following error , when I want to enter OpenLiteSpeed WebAdmin Console by http://x.x.x.x:7080 or even by https : 404 Not Found The resource requested could not be found...
  4. maicol07

    How to configure OLS LSWGI with a DJango app

    Hi, I'm trying to install Weblate, a DJango app. I've followed this guide: and installed LSWGI and configured the context app server with these parameters: When I try to go to the website, I get a...
  5. P

    Syntax check outputs irrelevant texts

    Openlitespeed command to check syntax outputs meaningless text "t:none,t:urlDecode". This text is always recorded regardless syntax contains error or not. [root@webserver-2 bin]# ./openlitespeed -v LiteSpeed/1.7.5 Open module versions: modgzip 1.1 cache 1.62...
  6. anderson916

    Poor Performance and SSL handshake failed(5)

    I am using OpenLiteSpeed + Wordpress + LiteSpeed Cache ( I don't know why the performance is terrible. Also, when I do load tests, many "SSL handshake failed (5)" errors appear. For the SSL certificate, I got it from Let's...
  7. S

    Cloudflare "520 Error" - OpenLiteSpeed/DirectAdmin

    Hello! I'm using openlitespeed with directadmin. I am getting 520 errors on some websites. Could a wrong configuration on the openlitespeed side cause this? where should I start debugging? I've been trying to solve this problem for a long time. Note: Today I upgraded the openlitespeed version...
  8. L

    OLS with Matomo on GCP

    What will be the solution to install 'clean' OLS server on Ubuntu (or whatever) on Google Cloud Platform? On marketplace is WP, Django, ... but can't see any 'clean' image. I think that I should to use simple Ubuntu server with ols1clk script, but have no idea how to set the install command...
  9. ltynk

    Error with listener 7080

    Hi, I encountered this issue for the second time. Unfortunately I was not able to check what occupied port before server was rebooted. Basically port 7080 gets occupied and this results in not loading any vhost. SSH working, all thing, but nothing loads. Logs shows this: 2020-09-24...
  10. mahmud92

    Install mysql on existing openlitespeed server running on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi How to install mysql on openlitespeed running on ubuntu? I found documentation for centos but I am using ubuntu. Thanks.
  11. Alexismendozave

    HTTP/2 css and js generate error 503 wordpress

    I have openlitespeed and when I activate http / 2 css and for js in wordpress, it gives me error 503, but if I activate debugging of wordpress, it loads well, what could it be? in the forum they delete my post
  12. S

    Openlitespeed Cache Module - vHosts Cache Folder

    Hello, I'm using openlitespeed with directadmin and i couldn't set lscache according to this link How can i create lscache folder at every vhost for using wordpress litespeed cache plugin? Thank you!
  13. L

    Where is the Quick Start Guide?

    Hi there, After DigitalOcean Droplet is completed I always refer to your quick guide to update php or allow firewall. What did you do with it? The 7th July update broke that page or is it intentional? It's explicitly stated: "Please visit our Quick Start page for details on how to access your...
  14. H

    ENV Path

    I am using OLS with Cyberpanel and have installed mailscanner with mailwatch gui. All works well but the software versions report is missing a value for postconf and clamav A similar issue was posted years ago for apache/nginx where the solution was to add env[PATH] =...
  15. J

    Mod_security @inspectFile rule is not working

    Hello, SecRule FILES_TMPNAMES "@inspectFile /usr/local/lsws/" "id:351000,rev:1,severity:2,msg:'Upload Malware Scanner:Malicious File upload attempt detected and blocked',log,deny,auditlog,status:403,t:none" this rule is not working properly. modsecurity on modsecurity_rules `...
  16. D

    Multiple vhosts one script handler

    I was looking for information about script handlers. I have more than one virtual host and every is setuped with: External App Set UID Mode: DocRoot UID and has server script handler lsphp as I don't need multiple PHP versions. It's working fine, but I found out that other setups (like...
  17. C

    Unable to rewrite URL for subdomain

    Hi, I have below scenario. I have my main site at and i have a subdomain at Main site document root is /home/ & subdomain document root is changed to /home/ Basically i am serving static content...
  18. S

    DocumentRoot for docker container

    I am running docker container with command docker run -d --name openlitespeed -p 7080:7080 -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -it litespeedtech/openlitespeed:1.6.9-lsphp74 When i visit my IP, i get 404 error. On which folder, i place my files to show up on the web site ? I created index.html file in...
  19. N

    Openlitespeed, centos 8, drupal 8

    Hello, i did a migration from nginx, cenots 8 to openlitespeed, centos 8, directadmin. The web site is on drupal 8.8.2. Does not show pictures to my homepage. The problem is in the .htaccess file located in the files folder. It does not allow thumbnails to be made. Can anyone help me solve...
  20. B

    Openlitespeed htaccess problem (!)

    im using openlitespeed, I want to block access to directories but it never works htaccess why ? for example <-- i uploaded this directory inside .htaccess and i want deny from all But not working.. this is for me important